Philippa Spork is an award winning author of Rules of Social Engagement, a business mentor and speaker specializing in social content marketing designed to drive sales in today’s digital era.

Philippa was voted the People’s Choice award winner and a National Digital Finalist in the 2015 B&T Women in Media Awards.

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Rules of Social Engagement is a "GREAT How To" Content Marketing book from Philippa Spork

Top 20 Forbes Magazine Social Influencer, Professional Keynote speaker 

Marketing Strategist, Media Solutions Specialist, Author and Facilitator Philippa Spork is passionate about enabling businesses to connect with their customers in today’s social world. Rules of Social Engagement was created to make it possible for entrepreneurs and small businesses around the globe, who simply could not yet justify or afford to invest in expensive agencies or consultants, to access practical and credible marketing advice. Philippa decided to share her 22 years of experience, insights and the valuable lessons learned with other businesses just like hers by creating a series of products that won’t break the bank!

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Google “Social Marketers are Idiots”….and this comes up

Google “Social Marketers are Idiots”….and this comes up

Ok, so I read an article the other day that caught my attention and then got my heart rate up….it was titled ‘Marketers who rely on social media are poorly trained idiots’. Great title B&T by the way, because it was just soooo clickable! Given that I make a living out of working with businesses around the country to navigate their social currency, AND the fact I will always love traditional media, having spent 22 years working in it (and still working in it), I decided it was worth a read. It linked me to an original article that appeared in the Fin Review – gee it must be serious I thought! But as I kept reading, I couldn’t help wishing I could have some time in a room for a bit of professional banter with the article expert; Professor Ritson, a highly credentialed professor (with some highly impressive authority photos). Ok, so in the AFR article…. drumroll….he says this: “If any marketer comes to me with a social media marketing budget I know they are an idiot, and poorly trained,” A bit harsh, i think, but on I read. So, first of all let me tell you that Ritson has a very impressive academic and professional career packed full of brand experience touching a far more impressive geo-spread than me. He is an impressive guy; no doubt. But in my humble opinion he has grossly oversimplified the issue. The truth of it is that there is no magic bullet; anyone who tells a brand to ignore EITHER ONE of traditional media or social media may be somewhere in the vicinity of strategically challenged (to be a bit... read more
Apple or the FBI? I think I’ll just be good…..

Apple or the FBI? I think I’ll just be good…..

Ok, so there’s been a lot of hoopla over the last few days about whether or not Apple should create a piece of software that overrides its own security encryptions and allow the FBI to unlock the phone of the Terrorist who killed 14 people and injured 24 in San Bernadino, California in December 2015. Earlier in the week, Apple was directed by Court Order to assist the FBI in their investigations into Terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone by enabling them to unlock his pin code in order to access his private iPhone data. This requires building what Apple refers to as a ‘back door’ to their own security software. At the outset, you’d think ‘sure, of course we should give the FBI what they want, in order to put Farook and his accomplices away for the rest of their lives’. But if only it were that simple…..Apple CEO Tim Cook certainly does not agree, as you can see in the letter he wrote to the public on Tuesday which you can READ HERE if you haven’t already. In short it explains that Apple very much hates and does not condone Terrorism, but it cannot in good conscience create code that could compromise the very security that they have developed and has guaranteed to be iron clad for all of its global customers. In Tim Cook’s own words: We have great respect for the professionals at the FBI, and we believe their intentions are good. Up to this point, we have done everything that is both within our power and within the law to help them. But now the U.S. government has asked us for... read more
Has Technology Made Waiting Obsolete?

Has Technology Made Waiting Obsolete?

Has technology made waiting obsolete and what does this mean for our next generation of adults? There’s no more waiting in a checkout line, thanks to self-checkout. No more waiting for a tape to rewind like in the old days, or driving to the shops to buy a CD – just Shazam it and buy it on iTunes. You don’t have to wait to watch your favourite show on TV – just live stream it. Hell, you don’t even have to wait for a coffee because now you can text ahead for it. I did try to think of something we still have to wait for – we still have to wait at the doctor’s office to see the doctor! No, wait a minute, now we can just get a Skype diagnosis for a doctors note by going to We have to wait in traffic, yes, but not really, because satellite technology now warns us where the back-ups are, and diverts us accordingly. So just last week, the annual CES conference took place in Las Vegas, US – it’s where all of the tech gurus from around the world present their innovations for the year. The theme of the minute is VR – virtual reality. And the most anticipated VR release was Facebook’s Oculus Rift.  It’s a VR headset that transports us immediately to a virtual world – on a game, or a movie and even experience wherever your friends are around the world – and it’s meant to be the most immersive experience ever – it feels like you are really there! It will be in stores and available on line in the next few months. Sure, its $600US and you have... read more

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Philippa spent more than two decades working with some of the globe’s biggest brands to create innovative marketing solutions that drive sales in an increasingly complex marketing landscape. In 2012, after twenty years of working for Australia’s two largest media companies, PBL Media (now Bauer) and Seven West Media, and raising three busy school-aged children, Philippa embarked on a new journey, when she opened her own boutique social marketing-consultancy in Brisbane; BlueSky Engagement.. Read more..