Who is Wearing the Content Crown Now?

Who is Wearing the Content Crown Now?
Stop ADS - Red Sign Painted - Open Hand Raised, Isolated on White Background

Stop ADS – Red Sign Painted – Open Hand Raised, Isolated on White Background

On September 16th, iOS9 will be released to the world – enabling apple users to download extensions to block ads on their mobiles. What this means for digital publishers relying on advertising revenue, remains to be seen. But initial reports from the industry aren’t looking great.

Ad blocking has been around on desktops since 2006 with AdBlocker Plus, with its initial uptake coming from digital early adopters. But in June of this year the company reported one million Australian users on its books. With an estimate of nearly 60% of web browsing being done on mobile devices today, the potential fallout of ad blocking on mobiles is massive.

The PVR (personal video recorder) trend hasn’t done wonders for TV advertising either, but to this point the TV ratings haven’t revealed whether or not an ad has been fast-forwarded through so the impact of consumer control over advertising selection hasn’t been truly measurable. until now! In today’s truly accountable digital ad environment, it is simply a case of ‘no thank you’ in advance – there isn’t even the option to get viewers to pause the fast forward with the use of a compelling visual hook.

This i-announcement is tragic news for publishers relying on revenue from advertising, but on the up-side it’s a cracker of an opportunity for brands that have already built an organic following via social media. The brands that have embraced the power of building trust through valuable content look to be the winners in this scenario. It’s never been more important to critical to engage genuinely with your audience about the things that interest them with your content marketing.

Marketers can capitalise on a true demand for their products and services by following 3 simple rules:

1. Deliver a product that is catering to the specific needs of your target audience

2. Build trust by establishing credibility and expertise in your product category on a continuous basis

3. Be authentic – audiences are skeptical of advertising enough already, so if you are a brand in the social space, the onus is on you to genuinely deliver on any promise you make

Bill Gates said in 1990 that Content was King! But today it looks like its the consumer is wearing the crown, enjoying absolute control over every piece of content they allow into their customised kingdom. So if you’re a brand out there today, you’d better make sure you’re genuinely engaging, or you may well be genuinely dis-engaged!


If you want to know more about how you can deliver  on a customer need, build trust and be authentic with your content marketing I’d love to hear from you at philippa@philippaspork.com!

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