Knowledge is Power! The first step in Rules of Engagement is DISCOVERY, which is why I created by Content Ready Test.

The purpose of this test is not to cast doubt over your marketing. Rather it is quite the opposite; it aims to provide you with the knowledge to empower you to make any changes necessary to take your marketing to the next level. The test measures your strengths and opportunities across 3 key areas:

1. Branding

2. Knowledge

3. Resources

It is critical to understand that content marketing is not just about writing a couple of blogs, sharing a few articles on Facebook or posting a range of beautiful images on Instagram, or any one tactic alone. Content marketing is a holistic process that requires a clearly articulated and well thought out plan based on a powerful brand content statement that underpins everything you do.

To get the most out of the Content Ready Test, it is critical that you dig deep into your business to fully understand where your strengths and opportunities are. In the diagnostic session, we spend 1.5 hours together either in person or via Skype, where we spend the first half hour going through your business goals, your current profit position and where you would like to see growth. The next hour is spent filling out the test for your businesses, and gaining valuable insights throughout the process.

Following the session, you will receive a tailored report from me identifying your current strengths and detailed recommendations for maximising your opportunities through branding, knowledge and content marketing resources.


$495.00 AUD + GST

Inclusive of:

  • A copy of my award winning book, Rules of Social Engagement
  • The step-by-step Take Control of your Social Content eLearning Course
  • 1.5 Hour One-to-One Session
  • Customized Recommendations Report