Mastering FREE Giveaways in 5 Simple Steps

Mastering FREE Giveaways in 5 Simple Steps

Success in marketing today always starts with something FREE. You can’t just expect your target audience to believe that you know your stuff; you have to give them something for free first to prove it. And it has to do more than just be interesting. Whatever you give away for FREE must have helped someone else make money for their business. Sound simple because it is! But if only it were that easy.

The GOOD NEWS about the FREE stuff you give away:

1. Free content for your audience builds trust and establishes credibility with your audience. It gets you in the door with your audience.

2. It starts you off on a positive note – call it an offer of good faith, or good will.

3. It enables you to start a conversation with someone who has opted in download or read your FREE stuff – so you know they are interested in what you have to say.

4. Once the consumer of your FREE stuff has engaged with whatever you gave them, as long as it’s any good, you will have access to them in the future.


The BAD NEWS about the FREE stuff you give away (it’s not so bad really):

1. It’s free, so you don’t cover your costs or make any profit out of it – in the short term anyway.

2. If you don’t harness what you do with the contact you created, it’s a massive missed opportunity.

3. There is nothing else bad about FREE; because it’s just the way it is today! The question is what you give, how much and how often?


What’s it All For?

By engaging people with your free stuff, you are doing TWO really important things:

1. Building a list of followers genuinely interested in what you are selling.

2. Nurturing them to deliver products and services that they need!


So, drumroll ….. Here are the 5 STEPS to making FREE work with Links to my favourite tools: 

1. WORD SEARCH – Carry out keyword research to make sure your FREE thing is being searched for – or

2. CREATE – now use the words that your target searches for in your call to action. Again and Again and all over it! 

3. PROMOTE – Promote the giveaway everywhere – spread the word with social media scheduling – drop the link to your landing page into all social channels – or

4. ATTRACT – collect emails into a list from a landing page – – 

5. NURTURE – your new fans with auto responders and offer more for free gradually up-selling as trust is built – or

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