New Year New Social You – 5 Must-Do’s

New Year New Social You – 5 Must-Do’s

Happy New Year!! I don’t know about you, but it’s been a slower start to my week than usual; I’ve been dusting the sand off my feet, and trying wean myself off my afternoon nap (albeit reluctantly). I am cranking my brain back into action, and as I make the shift from holiday indulgences back into real life; I’ve never been more excited about the year ahead!

What does 2016 have in store for me? What opportunities are going to come my way and what challenges will that bring? Well, of course, that will be up to me! It’s never been more important to review my social currency and make sure I’m ready to face the world!

Here are my top 5 New Year New Social You must-do’s:

  1. GOOGLE CHECK– Google yourself to make sure there is nothing on social media from those long boozy Christmas lunches or New Years celebrations that doesn’t reflect the way you want to be perceived. If there is, you can UNTAG yourself, and also turn on Facebook Timeline review; which allows you to approve anything that goes on your timeline before it appears. Here is a LINK to Facebook’s instructions. Of course posts are still out there on the person’s timeline who posted it; so if it’s really bad, kindly ask your friend to take the post down.
  2. UPDATE – all of your social profiles particularly LinkedIn to make sure that they reflect your current role and that any new business news is featured.  HERE is a handy guide compiled by Hubspot on how to make the best of your LinkedIn profile.
  3. BLOG – write a blog with some inspirations for the year ahead that reflects what your business does; kind of like this one! And of course, share it across all of your social networks.
  4. TONE IT – remember how your brain took a while to wake up after the festive season (surely it must have…)? Well, also remember how you didn’t want to tackle anything too deep, too serious or too hard to read. Also bear in mind those who are still on leave until next week. So it’s important keep your tone inspirational and light – focused is fine; but tackling complex issues is a big no-no.
  5. SET SOME GOALS – This is a fabulous time to set yourself some social goals; write them down and put them up on your pin-board where you can see them. It could be simply committing to writing one blog a week, creating a new on-line resource for your audiences to share, or growing your engagement by 25% before June. It always helps to remind yourself why you are being social and how you can track your success.

Welcome back to everyone and may 2016 bring you social success!!


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